About this Registry Website

gtojudgeregistry.com was born from my pursuit of 25 years to own a GTO Judge convertible and the passion for Pontiacs, A-Body and F-Body. From that pursuit of my ultimate Muscle Car, I had records for a couple dozen 1970 GTO Judge Convertibles that I had pursued or saw on the internet. Now that I own a 1970 Judge Convertible, I thought this information could benefit the Pontiac hobbyist in adding additional detail to total production numbers. As I socialized the idea among friends and hobbyist, they asked why I do not expand the registry to include all 1970 and 1971 GTO Judge models. With the groundwork already done for the 1970 convertibles, I was like sure, why not.

As I learn the ins and outs of constructing and maintaining an interactive website, my objective is to make this a very user-friendly experience that the user can obtain immediate results from a custom search.

Please be patient as I go through the learning curve and please feel free to submit any comments to improve the page from the hobbyist view on the contact page.