The purpose of this Judge registry is to focus on the 1970 & 1971 model year. The objective is to find data/information (PHS documents , build sheets, pictures, ordering documents, etc.) for these cars so the hobbyist can have answers to questions like how many were this color combination, how many were automatics, how many were made with air conditioning and a four speed, etc.

This website is new in launching and the creation of the initiative. The objective is to have an interactive website for guest to view the data that has been obtained for 1970 & 1971 GTO Judges produced.


This registry is based on years of effort and work by a few people with such a passion for these cars. If you have any information on 1970 or 1971 GTO Judge models, please share the information as the combined information will only be more accurate for everyone in the hobby.

Sensitive information (VIN & owner information) about the car will not be displayed publicly on this website or shared with any individuals.

Thank you to all that have and will contribute to this registry.

1970 Polar White RAIII 4 speed